CSCS 2020 Keynote Speakers

Dr.-Ing. Mathias Dehm
Head of Security & Privacy Research & Governance, Continental

since 2017: Head of Security & Privacy Research & Governance at Continental

2016-2017: Head of Security & Privacy Research for Digital Services at Continental

2014-2015: Specialist Automotive Security at Continental

2010-2014: Scientific Assistant at Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG and University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt

Title: Cyber Security Challenges & Solutions in the Automotive Industry

  • Impact of the UNECE Cyber Security Regulation & ISO/SAE 21434 Standard “Road Vehicles-Cybersecurity Engineering”
  • Current and future needs of Cyber Security Solutions for the automotive industry
    • From Security Operation Center to Post-Quantum Cryptography

Dr.-Ing. Steven Peters
Manager Artificial Intelligence Research, Mercedes-Benz AG

since 2016: Manager Artificial Intelligence Research, Group Research, Mercedes-Benz AG

2014-2015: KIT-Industry Fellow w. Daimler AG

2013-2016: Chief Engineer at Institute of Production Science (wbk) at KIT

2009-2013: Research Assistant at Institute of Production Science (wbk) at KIT

Title: Artificial Intelligence in Automotive Engineering

Dr.-Ing. Steven Peters has been heading the AI research team at Mercedes-Benz Group Research since 2016. In his keynote, he will focus on machine learning as an important tool in automotive engineering. Examples will show applications of machine learning in combustion engine research and of deep reinforcement learning in highly automated software development for modern transmissions. In addition, the requirements and limitations of today’s AI will be discussed.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tim Fingscheidt
Signal Processing and Machine Learning, IfN, TU Braunschweig

since 2006: Full Professor at Technische Universität Braunschweig, Institute for Communications Technology (IfN), Chair Signal Processing and Machine Learning

1999-2006: Team Leader Signal Processing at Siemens Mobile Phones and at Siemens Corp. Technology, Munich

1998-1999: Scientific Consultant at AT&T Labs, Florham Park, NJ, USA

1993-1998: Research Assistant at Institute of Communication Systems and Data Processing at RWTH Aachen University

Title: Recent Methods from Computer Vision for Perception in Highly Automated Driving

Prof. Fingscheidt holds the Chair of Signal Processing and Machine Learning at TU Braunschweig. He heads the TU Braunschweig Deep Learning Lab (TUBS.dll), having research interest in machine learning for Speech, Vision, and Predictive Maintenance. In his keynote, he will present selected results from the field of Computer Vision for perception in highly automated driving. The talk will draw from his Vision team’s recent works and will cover some of the following methods: Domain mismatch adaptation, continual learning, data efficiency by selection and compression, adversarial attacks and defenses, multi-task learning and monocular depth estimation.